🎥 „RAVE” directed by:

Łukasz Ronduda

📷 director of photography:

Julian A.Ch. Kernbach

📄 editor:

Przemysław Chruścielewski, Nikodem Chabior

📝 script:

Łukasz Ronduda


full length documentary

The story of techno music and the transformation from the perspective of a generation that was born and grew up in post-communist Poland, Ukraine and Georgia and which does not have the memory of the actual communism, yet is living among the post-communistic system’s remains. The heroes of the film can at most recall their childhood in the Turbo-Capitalism in the 90s and who are now trying to build their identity. They look for authenticity in the contemporary the capitalist reality, navigating between the consumer and national vectors, searching for themselves between imitating the West and originality in their immediate surroundings.