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Love Tasting

Director: Dawid Nickel

Its the last week of school in a small polish town’s junior high school. Waiting for the final party, several students pass the time at a city pool, as if anticipating the emotional whirlwind they are about to experience. The action takes place somewhere in Poland, where ‘LGBT free zones’ are a reality in 2020. It’s a story about young people, their problems and romantic endeavours in the era of the Internet and social apps, when creating genuine relationships is unnaturally difficult.

  • 2020
  • 1 h 25 min

Marta Habior

Producing company:
No Sugar Films

Director of photography:
Michał Pukowiec

Dawid Nickel

Marcin Jachyra, Martyna Gromotka

Łukasz Swaryczewski, Magdalena Chowańska

Aleksandra Przyłuska

Mikołaj Matczak
 (Tomek), Michał Sitnicki (Kuba), Sandra Drzymalska (Monika, Kuba’s sister), Nel Kaczmarek (Oliwia), Zofia Świątkiewicz (Julia), Jakub Wróblewski (Dawid), Agnieszka Żulewska (Gośka „Savage”), Dobromir Dymecki (Oliwia’s father), Jan Dravnel (priest)

Official trailer:

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