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All For My Mother

Director: Małgorzata Imielska
Imdb:   6.5

Olka is seventeen years old, tomboyish in her movement with large eyes hidden behind her hair. Her nails are bitten, and her hands bear the marks of self-harm. For years, she had been looking for her mother.

Her constant escapes from the orphanage landed her in a reformatory. She lives there but she is of another world: she does not care for hipster clothes or the newest smartphone. Unlike other girls, she does not want to provide sexual services to the guard for a smoke. She only wants her mother back.

  • 2019
  • 1 h 43 min

Wojciech Kabarowski, Jerzy Kapuściński

Producing company:
Naima Film

Director of photography:
Tomasz Naumiuk

Małgorzata Imielska

Włodzimierz Pawlik

Kacper Habisiak, Marcin Kasiński, Artur Kuczkowski

Agnieszka Glińska

Pola Guźlińska

Zofia Domalik
(Ola), Maria Sobocińska (Agnes), Malwina Laska (Mania), Magdalena Celmer (Sandra), Helena Englert (Ewka), Halina Rasiakówna (director of the reformatory), Jowita Budnik (Irena), Joanna Połeć (Klaudia), Zuzanna Puławska („Głodna”), Alicja Czerniewicz (Justa)

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