Written & directed: Piotr Adamski
Production: Poland 2023
Runtime: 99 min.
The Polish cinema premiere: TBC
The festival premiere: TBC

An all-star award-winning cast in a thriller about evil, revenge, technology, and today’s world in which privacy doesn’t exist anymore.

Piotr Adamski, co-writer and director of the widely acclaimed EASTERN, presents a hugely anticipated adaptation of a bestseller, considered as the Polish answer to Stieg Larsson’s famed „MILLENIUM”.

In our daily lives we are all surrounded by hundreds of electronic devices. We know that, but are we aware that almost each of them is someone’s eyes and ears?

Julita Wójcicka, a young journalist, is investigating the mysterious death of a TV celebrity. She concludes that what the police dub an unfortunate accident is in fact a perfectly planned crime. Every step she takes brings Julita closer to the discovery of the truth and puts her in mortal danger. Someone watches her constantly, knows her most shameful secrets and is ahead of each move she makes. In order not to become the next victim of a mysterious killer, Julia must infiltrate a network of cyber connections and reveal secrets that may be best kept hidden.


Screenplay Łukasz M. Maciejewski, Jakub Szamałek, Piotr Adamski based on the novel „The Hidden Web” by Jakub Szamałek

Director: Piotr Adamski
Producer: Mariusz Łukomski, Magdalena Tomanek
Creative Producer: Wojciech Kabarowski, Jerzy Kapuściński
Music composer: Karolina Rec, Hubert Zemler
Cinematographer: Tomasz Woźniczka
Production manager: Magdalena Tomanek
Editor: Wojciech Mrówczyński
Casting: Konrad Bugaj
Sound recordist: Jerzy Murawski, Krzysztof Owczarek, Robert Docew
Set designer: Natalia Maciejewska
Costume: Designer Małgorzata Karpiuk
Makeup Artist: Pola Guźlińska


Magdalena Koleśnik
Andrzej Seweryn
Piotr Trojan
Wiktoria Gorodeckaja
Błażej Dąbrowski
Mikołaj Grabowski



Born in 1982, visual artist and film director Piotr Adamski graduated from the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts and the Wajda School and has created exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. He is a winner of the Samsung Art Master competition and has twice received a Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship. His debut short, The Opening (2016), received several awards, including the Silver Hobby Horse for the Best Documentary at the 56th Krakow Film Festival (2016) and the Multimedia Polska Special Award for Creative Boldness at the 41st Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (2016).


2019 “Eastern”

2016 “Opening”