We’ve acquired a new title! EASTERN, first full-length feature directed by Piotr Adamski was screened for the very first time in Koszalin at Młodzi i Film Festival and simply amazed the public. Now it’s among our other movies that we proudly represent internationally.

This is what the director says about his debut:

“Easternis an individual adaptation of a mediaeval customary law known as the Kanun. However, it is not the Kanun which I am concerned with here, but the nostalgia for a bygone utopia that resonates within the current conservative-populist narrative. The film presents a dystopian world governed by the logic of the past. A world where the authority figures in family and politics alike instrumentalise traditional values in order to serve their own interests. A world divided into the Nowaks, the Kowalskis and an individual who tries to extricate herself from the narrative put forward by those who hold the power. Eastern; in other words, a Western in the Wild East.”

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