🎥 „ANTKOWIAK” directed by:

Anna Więckowska, Poland 2019

📎 producer:

Tomasz Ossoliński

📝 script:

Anna Więckowska, Tomasz Ossoliński

📷 director of photography:

Michał Stajniak

📄 editor:

Justyna Król

Short summary

full length documentary

France has its Yves Saint Laurent and Poland- Jerzy Antkowiak. Obviously during the communist era there were no enterprises run by a single personality but only a collective venture called Moda Polska (Polish Fashion). Was there fashion in Poland in 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s? How did Poles dress up in these grey times? The enterprise called Moda Polska was en vogue as Antkowiak was able to travel to fashions shows in Paris twice a year and his collections vere unique, novatory, and immediately sold out.

He’s now in his 80s, the collection of his fashion designes survived in his basement and was transported to the Museum in Łodz for the first ever exhibition devoted to a single designer. The film follows Antkowiak’s career until today when he was found lost in his house couple of years ago and brought back to the public life by his pupil Tomasz Ossoliński, one of the most well known contemporary Polish fashion designers.